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MMS et Mac Os Sierra !!!


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Pas eu cette occasion, je suis sous PC.


Et tu n'as de souci sous Windows 10 j'imagine !? Je crois qu'à ce niveau, la compatibilité est bonne.


Pour le moment non la compatibilité fonctionne mais par moment ça bug mais je pense que c'est dû à ma version de windows 10.

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Email reçu ce matin par le support :


- - -

At this time, MMS and MMB are NOT compatible with OSX Sierra. Our teams are working as diligently as possible to remedy this situation. We will keep you posted and advise as to a solution once our testing is complete and satisfactory for all of our dedicated users.


Our testing has revealed two issues for Movie Magic users that need to be addressed before announcing compatibility:


Movie Magic Budgeting


- While EP testing hasn't observed any program functionality issues, we have encountered significant licensing issues that directly affect users' ability to launch and use the program. Because of this experience, the licensing issues must be resolved before announcing MMB compatibility with OSX Sierra.


Movie Magic Scheduling


- The same licensing issues affecting MMB also affect users' ability to launch and use MMS. The licensing issues must be resolved before announcing MMS compatibility with OSX Sierra.


- There is a minor issue discovered during testing in which multiple banners in a row may cause unintended page breaks in reports. This issue does not delay an announcement that MMS is compatible with Sierra - licensing is the issue of chief concern. However, EP's software team is also working to resolve the banner/page break issue as well.


If you have already upgraded and are experiencing issues, please contact Service and Support at 818.955.6300 or email support@ep.com.


We apologize for the continued delay in announcing MMX compatibility and appreciate your patience.

- - -


En gros, des soucis de validations de license au lancement du programme et des problèmes sur les "reports" avec des sauts de page...


Bon, c'est pas encore gagné mais au moins, ils communiquent enfin un peu...  :dodgy:


Source : https://www.ep.com/knowledge-base/movie-magic-osx-sierra-testing-compatibility/


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Un autre utilisateur confirme ici sur un forum :



Il a testé aussi d'autres logiciels... Ci-dessous, une copie de son message.


Post de drewboyd - #80121


I have a window between projects - foolhardily took the plunge. For a half day's worth of appraisal I'm pleased. For me, at least, it seems to be as stable a first day adoption as one could hope. Resolve seems to work as snappily as ever. FCPX also seems uber responsive. Avid, well, as much as it ever will.


All of the listed programs work on a base level, opening, tabbing through and overwriting a few clips to a timeline or two. I'm sure quirks will reveal themselves shortly. By no means an encompassing list, but my cursory experience with my most important applications. Happy to take requests from those who smartly hold off.


Working Apps:

DaVinci Resolve 12.5.2

FCPX 10.2.3

Avid Media Composer 8.4.0

Final Cut Pro 7

Motion 5.2.3

Movie Magic Budgeting 7.5

Movie Magic Scheduling 6

Final Draft 10.0.0


Problematic Apps:

Quickbooks 2015 (Unsupported)

Premiere Pro CS6 (Can't get it to read my R3D's, Quicktimes fine - Premiere CC 2016 untested at the moment)


Working FCPX Plugins:

Neat Video Noise Reduction 4.2

SliceX / TrackX

CoreMelt Lock & Load

iZotope RX4

Color Finale

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Après des mois et des mois... Enfin une comptabilité ! ...


La manipulation à effectuer :


Yes. Please check to make sure you are on Movie Magic Scheduling Version 6.1.0402 or Movie Magic Budgeting Version 7.6.2214. Registered users of the current versions may download the macOS Sierra update for free.


Download Steps


Users must download the new version of the application in order to use it in macOS Sierra.


1. Deactivate your existing license codes for MMS/MMB on your Mac.

2. Uninstall MMS/MMB from your Mac.

3. Upgrade to macOS Sierra.

4. Download and install the new MMS/MMB version.

5. Activate the new version using your existing license code.


Movie Magic Scheduling users please note – if your stripboard has multiple banners in a row, this may cause unintended page breaks in breakdown reports. There is currently no known workaround if the breakdown sheet is included in a report. We will continue to seek a resolution for this issue. Stripboard and shooting schedule reports appear to work normally.



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